Pisces tattoos designs

    Pisces tattoo designs are quite flexible in that the universal symbol of this sun sign is two fish. These fish, called Ichtyes by the Greeks, are commonly represented in a yin yang style – each fish head followed by the other’s tail forming a circular shape. Besides fish, there are numerous other sea creatures that can be incorporated into Pisces tattoos to create a more personalized design: twin dolphins, whales, sharks, sea horses or mermaids for example. Pisces tattoos commonly include this zodiac’s glyph symbol. Mirroring the double fish pattern, the Pisces glyph has an "H" shape in which the two vertical lines bend toward each other in the middle while bowing out at the tops and bottoms. The simplicity of this symbol lends itself to limitless design possibilities. For example, women seeking more feminine Pisces tattoos may choose designs featuring roses intertwined with the glyph while men may prefer snakes slithering up the glyph. The Pisces zodiac is a water sign that reveals a dreamy, gentle, affectionate, compassionate and deep nature. However, Pisces individuals are noted as having dual, or split, personalities: silent then highly talkative, happy then very unhappy, lazy then highly motivated. If this sounds like you then go ahead and get the design inked.
    View pictures of Pisces tattoos. Find out the different meanings behind the Pisces sign and learn what designs can be incorporated into Pisces Tattoos.

    Pisces Tattoos 1

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    Pisces Tattoos 2

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